EnergiRike Young

The famous Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen once stated that: "It is the young people who is about to create the future and make the world a better place." Although Nansen died in 1930, the quote is still as valid today.

EnergiRike Young is an annual conference where students meet experienced professionals from the energy- and industrial sector, the political world and academia; to learn, and to adopt knowledge in a way that prepares them, and enables them to solve the new challenges one will face during the upcoming years.

An important part of EnergiRike Young is the case work. Here the students are challenged within actual topics and problems that they can be faced with during their potentially upcoming careers. Creativity, cooperation and different academic fields are combined, and the results are ideas that also might contribute to solve problems in the future.

EnergiRike Young aims to:

  • Present the Western Region of Norway, with all its great opportunities regarding both careers and life in general.
  • Give a warm welcome to students who are going to the region to work for the summer.
  • Help the students’ networking process.
  • Provide increased knowledge, and challenge the students through case-competitions.
EnergiRike er et samarbeidsorgan for å fremme energi- og prosessindustrinæringen i Rogaland og Vestland.