The EnergiRike Executive Forum

The EnergiRike Executive Forum annually gathers Norwegian executive leaders, authorities and politicians, to identify barriers, debate means and cooperate constructively towards goals regarding industry, energy and climate.

The EnergiRike Executive Forum aims to be an arena where experience and meanings are exchanged, for mutual enlightenment, and also to generally contribute to increased economic growth in the Norwegian energy sector and industry, alongside with a sustainable development.

Some of the topics discussed at the EnergiRike Executive Forum in 2011 were:

  • How the scarcity of energy stresses the need for a more robust infrastructure.
  • Significant investments regarding production of green energy resulting in economical growth.
  • An energy system based upon CO2-neutral energy bearers is crucial to reach climate goals.
EnergiRike er et samarbeidsorgan for å fremme energi- og prosessindustrinæringen i Rogaland og Vestland.